Life @ Quantic: The Quantic Dreambakers and their Rum Babas

Today in Life @ Quantic, revenge is a dish best served …. sweet.  

Our talented bakers stepped up to the plate once again, all motivated by the desire to win the title of “pastry chef of the month”.  As our pastry chefs refused to concede defeat, this bake-off is now to be a regular event!  

For this latest Quantic Dreambaking contest, no less than 9 amateur bakers did their best to set our judges’ taste buds alight. Sure enough, they really outdid themselves with their recipes for Rum Baba, a famous Polish delicacy made from a savarin cake soaked in rum syrup.  

Claire, Joël, Jean-Marie, Anthony, Yann, Malik, Frédéric, Marie, and Emeline

Our panel of judges was made up of the biggest Rum Baba fans Quantic had to offer – and those with the biggest appetites as they had to taste all 9 cakes. This contest also brought together talented people from our many teams, from our testers and animators to those in the development and IT departments. Yann, Malik, Emeline, Joël, Frédéric, Claire, Marie, Jean-Marie and Anthony each produced very different cakes, all successfully producing a fresh take on what is, after all, a fairly standard recipe.  

But it was Joël, bent on victory, who won over our panel of judges with his Rum Baba with Chantilly cream. The babas served proved to be excellent, with no less than 2 of them earning a special mention: one for Claire from our team of testers, and the other for Yann, our facial animation manager.  

As this is now to be a monthly contest, our chefs will be facing off again very soon! And they will need to demonstrate unparalleled culinary skill as the challenge next time is lemon tart!  

Finally, as usual: you can download Joël’s recipe here: