“Imagination and Science: Imagine the Future with AI” by the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo.

Have you ever wondered what our future might look like if artificial intelligence was helping us in our daily lives? Or what this might mean for humanity?

In September 2019, the National Museum of Emerging Sciences and Innovation of Japan, commonly known as Miraikan Museum, organized a congress entitled “Imagination and Science: Imagining the Future with AI”.  

David Cage (CEO, Quantic Dream), Yoichiro Miyake (Lead AI Researcher, Enix Square,) and Dr. Hirotaka Osawa (Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems, University of Tsukuba) discussed various topics regarding artificial intelligence and its place in our near future.  

Based on the experience of our latest critically acclaimed game, Detroit: Become Human, the members of the panel discuss important issues regarding the development of artificial intelligence and its impact on our society.  

Watch the entire conference in our new video series, which breaks down the various topics discussed by theme: