MOOD / ATTITUDE – Back to school

Summer is finished in France, everyone at Quantic Dream spent a nice holiday, and we’re now all back on track, as you can see here

Endless discussions near the coffee machine or in videoconference are slowly resuming, and once again, we took this opportunity to gather the current trends in the studio! Of course, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S pre-orders have dominated the debates of the last few weeks:

PS5 or Xbox, I didn’t have the motivation to pre-order, but I have no regrets for the moment ? // Julien, Tools 

I pre-ordered the Xbox Series X at 09:04 on September 22nd. I’m counting the days until November 11th… ^_^  // Iris, Communication

I haven’t pre-ordered the PS5 yet, but as soon as the Digital Edition is on the shelf, it goes straight into the shopping cart! // Alexandre, Motion Capture

I try to be reasonable by telling myself fact that buying the new consoles right away isn’t worth it, but who knows, the Xbox All-Access offer is really attractive ^^ // Alexis, Game Logic

I’m not a big fan of pre-orders and I prefer to happily pick up my giant box in store x) But it’s a purchase that will certainly be made as soon as possible, because I’m all about Microsoft and my Xbox One is a little bit old… So yeah, why not buying another one, even if I already have 4 Xbox…  // Marie, DTE

While waiting for the Next Gen, there are plenty of games out there; at the studio, Crusader Kings 3 is trending, but it’s not the only one to be popular here:

Carrion and Superliminal, I play them on Switch: original little games, perfect for short sessions. Great discoveries! // Claire, DTE

I want to play Militsioner, it looks like The Stanley Parable! // Jounayd, Game Logic

I’m playing the Untitled Goose Game just released on PC and the latest update of Teamfight Tactics, but it would be dishonest to think that I’m going to do anything else than waste my time on Shadowlands. And I’m waiting for Baldur’s Gate 3! // Julie, Production 

Crusader Kings 3 ❤️ And Julie reminded me of Baldur’s Gate 3’s early access, of course! // Stephen, Publishing

Comme Stephen, Crusader Kings 3 ! Je suis aussi sur Among Us avec mon crew, le jeu est absolument hilarant ; il est à tout petit prix, jetez-vous dessus ! Et Deep Rock Galactic aussi ; pareil, excellent jeu, à la Left 4 Dead avec des niveaux aléatoires. // Nicolas, Production

Like Stephen, Crusader Kings 3! I’m also on Among Us with my crew, the game is absolutely hilarious; it’s at a very low price, don’t miss it! And Deep Rock Galactic too; an excellent game, with a Left 4 Dead vibe and random levels.  // Alexis, Game Logic

Crusader Kings 3 (I don’t go out on weekends anymore) // Clément, Production 

I received my Razer Kishi so I can play xCloud games with my phone; can’t wait to play to all the little indie games of the Game Pass, in Switch mode. // Alexis, Game Logic

I stopped playing The Last of Us 2 to discover Dark Souls Remastered, which I stopped for Mario 3D All-Stars… And now I’m waiting for Demon’s Souls on PS5. As you can tell, I have a lot of games to finish before November 19th! // Max, Édito

I am looking forward to my annual dose of Destiny, as Beyond Light is coming out in November, and until then I’m having some quality time with Spiritfarer. // Marie, DTE

Looking forward to play Hogwarts Legacy, I’ve been waiting for my letter to Hogwarts for 20 years ? And in the meantime I’m working not the 3D plans for my new kitchen! // Virginie, Marketing Artist

Ah yes, the “everyday life” topics; congratulations to Jérôme (Game Design) who decided to quit smoking after 30 years! And since Virginie is talking about her kitchen, a little word about tomatoes ?, a nice trend now in the studio:

September is the new month of tomatoes; all the local vegetable gardens are overflowing with them and my neighbors keep offering me some. I had to test 18 tomato-based recipes this month with a result more or less appreciated by the little tummies at home. // Iris, Communication 

Tomatoes are top tier. // Max, Édito

Eggs cooking in tomatoes: god tier. // Anthony, Marketing

Yes, food is a hot topic here, but we’re a French studio after all, what did you expect?! But we’re also into sport; the running team and the boxing team are not back on track yet, but the Table Football team is already on fire! As for quieter moments, here’s a nice recommendation:

Nordic walking is my thing at the moment… And I’m reading Thierry Bizot’s novel ‘Un petit coup de jeune‘: the story of a guy who wakes up in a hospital having forgotten the last 16 years… He discovers that he lost his best years and that the world has gone into a tailspin and that he himself is part of the problem. Excellent back-to-school reading 😉 // Christelle, Business Development

Speaking of reading, Gregory (Game Logic) recommends Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team, à lire pour patienter jusqu’à la sortie du jeu.

On the movie/series side, The Boys, Mildred Ratched and the Dune trailer are unanimously acclaimed here, while the future James Bond and Kaamelot already generate endless debates! But there’s more:   

I particularly love the new series produced by Ridley Scott, Raised by Wolves. // Clément, Production

+1 on Raised By Wolves. The happiness to see Ridley finally remembering how to make good science-fiction, after hitting the bottom with Prometh…Prom…Promethe…I can’t even pronounce its name…. // Jérôme, Game Logic 

I’m watching the new season of Chef’s Table, but it’s not recommended for people who don’t like meat! // Marie, DTE

I try to make discover Christopher Nolan to my son, but it gives him headaches, so we listen to the OST of Interstellar to chill out ^^ // Jérôme, Game Design 

Ah yes, a word also about music, a passion shared by quite a few people here! We listen to the last albums of Deftones, Yelle, Biffy Clyro, the Nightwish live album, and Gregory Peck’s Show Pony, on which Marie (DTE) adds that it’s “not recommended to people who are not in the mood for cowboys”. ?

So there you have, people! Let’s conclude on this last minute message:

OMG, I have just learned about the NieR Replicant remaster scheduled for April 2021 O_o I’m changing my order of priorities!! XD  // Claire, DTE