Quantic Stream: A first Livestream full of surprises

On Monday, May 25th, Quantic Dream launched its official studio Twitch channel with an inaugural Livestream event for the fans.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Heavy Rain™ and the two-year anniversary of Detroit: Become Human™, the casts of these two award-winning games plus the Quantic Dream team met, some for the first time in years, on the livestream, to share memories and anecdotes from the shooting and production of the games. In addition to a series of videos dedicated to the 10 years of Heavy Rain™, which you can find on our YouTube channel, fans from all over the world who submitted questions in advance got to hear answers from their favorite cast members.

We also took the opportunity to reveal Detroit: Community Play, our first-ever Twitch extension. Designed by the team behind Detroit: Become Human™, this extension reinvents the stream viewer’s experience by allowing them to interact directly on the streamers’ game session. By participating in more than 150 multiple-choice polls that are triggered at key moments during gameplay, viewers can help the streamer construct the narrative of the game in real time. Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire, respectively Connor and Traci in Detroit: Become Human™, gave an exclusive demonstration of the experience, which you can catch in replay here. The extension is free to everyone at DetroitCommunityPlay.com.

Streamers can also download the Detroit: Become HumanTM Twitch Stream Pack.

We also had the opportunity to drop a surprise announcement: our three games are finally coming to Steam on June 18! Sharing our narrative and interactive experiences with more and more players is a big motivator for the team, and launching on more PC platforms is something the whole team was excited to announce. All games have free demos available right now on Steam. Check them out and add them to your wishlist!

We didn’t stop there. We also revealed a new, highly-anticipated Detroit: Become Human™ Collectors’ Edition. Including a 27cm statue of Kara, an exclusive series of pins and an exclusive Cyberlife card with a Steam game code, the Collectors’ Edition will be available in very limited quantities later this year.

For those who can’t wait for the Collectors’ Edition to drop, from June 18th, you can check out shop.quanticdream.com to find exclusive Quantic Dream merch in our brand-new E-Shop, currently shipping everywhere in Europe and soon in the rest of the world. Be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to hear when worldwide shipping is open!

Finally, the team has been moved by 23 years’ worth of love from our fans and the support and stories they’ve shared with us. We decided to launch the My Quantic Story portal, which lets you submit your stories about how Quantic Dream games influenced your life, that we’d love to highlight in future streams and events. Your stories make us incredibly proud and we look forward to discovering the impact our games have had, both on your own story, as well as on your experiences in our games. Check it out and submit your own stories now at MyQuanticStory.com.

Thank you for sharing this unique event with the entire studio and we look forward to seeing you soon on an upcoming livestream! Be sure to Follow us on Twitch and turn on the notification bell so you never miss a future livestream. Stay well!