Discover the Detroit: Become Human CyberLife space in the Grévin waxworks museum

Cyberlife at Grévin waxworks museum: from the start of the project to its opening in the Paris museum in the presence of Bryan Dechart alias Connor

On 27th June this year, Quantic Dream, Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Grévin museum unveiled the first androids, Kara and Connor, from the video game Detroit: Become Human, in the entrance to the Grévin Museum in Paris. The game is already available on PlayStation®4 and will shortly be available  as a PC game in autumn 2019.

After the successful launch of the game on PlayStation®4 on 25th May 2018, Grévin contacted the Quantic Dream studio to tell them about an audacious project: to bring the characters from the game into the museum. The choice to showcase Detroit: Become Human, and in particular the androids, was an obvious one for the museum. The game highlights the androids and in particular their bodies, which in all respects resemble those of human beings, just like the statues of the celebrities in the museum. For the studio, bringing the androids into a venue as prestigious as the Grévin museum is  solid recognition of their work and of the video games industry in general.

Quantic Dream accepted the project with great enthusiasm and the teams in charge dreamed up an interactive experience for the public aiming to focus visitors’ minds on this technological future and the relationship humans have with the androids. Unusually  Kara and Connor’s statues were carefully created in latex, not in wax. Their faces, bodies, fingers … were all scanned in detail so as to remain true to the characters in the game. Hairs were painstakingly implanted one at a time for an even more realistic result.

Since the grand opening in the Grévin museum, visitors have been able to discover the result of this project. From the entrance they are propelled into the universe of Detroit: Become Human in 2038, more specifically into a Cyberlife shop where the development of an android can be seen from the initial design to sale. Over an area of 75 m², an interactive and immersive scenario guides the visitor by helping him choose the android that best meets his needs, just like in the video game. Clothing, spare parts and the presence of Chloé on screens at the entrance explaining what CyberLife is… everything is there to remind the visitor that they are now entering the world of the game.

Bryan Dechart, alias Connor, was also present at the opening in Paris, to meet his double at the Grévin museum. He posed for photos and answered questions in the setting of the museum in a joint interview with David Cage, the game’s creator. Guests were regaled with anecdotes aboutg the origin of the game from its design to final production  giving the creator an opportunity to explain his ambitious choices.

The CyberLife space with androids Kara and Connor has been open to the public since 28th June this year at the Grévin museum, situated in Paris’ 9th arrondissement.

Do come and visit and let us have your comments! We hope you enjoy your visit!