Quantic Dream: Please introduce yourself! What’s your name, where are you from, and what is your role at QD? 

Hello. My name is Jean-Marc and I am from Normandy, France. My career path has taken me from France to the UK via Canada and the US. I joined Quantic Dream recently, even though I’ve been working in three-dimensional geometry since 1989; at the studio I’m one of the young recruits! I’m in charge of the acquisition and restitution of 3D data that allow us to transform the real into the virtual. Abracadabra!

QD: How did you come to work in the video games industry? Was it a lifelong dream, or did you luckily stumble into it? 

I didn’t know the video game industry, I come from the film industry, which I used to work for. I was looking for a job that would bring me closer to my home in France, and where I could bring my experience. So I replied to an offer I saw on the internet and simply asked if the position was still open. And that was it!

QD: Let’s talk about your job at Quantic Dream! Could you elaborate more on your role, and the role of your team? 

I provide the Chara team, who create the characters, with what I call “digital casts”; these are impressions as close to reality as possible of the objects or subjects scanned. These virtual doubles are one of the bases for approaching the realism sought by the Chara team. I like the human side of my work, I like to scan people. There’s a kind of magic to the process.

QD: Tell us more about the members of your team. Any fun story to share? 

I have not yet had the pleasure of working fully with the Chara team, as the health measures of the moment do not make it easy to get together. So any stories? Well, from my old job in film, tons. Here, not yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be able to get out the notebook very soon!

QD: Can you describe to us a typical day for you? Does a typical day even exist for you? 

I arrive at the studio early, just before 7am, I’m usually a morning person. All is quiet, I have my first tea of the day, switch on the capture rig and check it is working properly. I capture the calibration dummy – my mate ‘Dummie’. Then I capture, process, calculate all the ones the Chara team presents to me, that’s the fun part of the job, no two days are the same as each talent I capture is unique.

QD: What are your external inspirations that are reflected in your job? 

My role at Quantic Dream is not artistic: I recreate what exists as close to the truth as possible. I spent 15 years of my professional life capturing pipes and beams in factories where you have to be very rigorous. This leaves no room for fantasy or outside inspiration. Now I continue to do my work in the same frame of mind, I stay focused on the task at hand. I relax afterwards, when the data is in the box.

QD: Be careful, BIG question… What are your favourite games? 

I played Doom on an internal network for a few weeks in 1996 with my colleagues at the time, but that’s it, I couldn’t really name any games. Mario? Lara Croft? I know the names, like everyone does, but I don’t really know what it is. Oh well, I do know one game, called Abzû, I like its art style. But I’m not a gamer.

QD: Tell us more about your hobbies outside of work. 

I listen to a lot of film music. I’m lucky enough to be alone in the big room where the rig is set up and I don’t need headphones. My latest favourite soundtracks? Lupin by Mathieu Lamboley, Antebellum by Roman Gian Arthur and Nate Wonder, The Girl In The Spider’s Web by Roque Baños and Domina by Samuel Sim.

QD: All right! What does your perfect Friday night look like? 

At home, in my house not far from the sea – after a 4-hour trip from Paris! – a glass of wine in hand, toasting with my wife to the health of our 11 cats: Castor and Pollux, Luna and Mica, Gaïu, Nao, Chris, Plume, Zoé, Carlos and Raoul.

QD: Do you have a message for our readers? 

“So if I may give you some advice, forget that you don’t have a chance, go for it! You never know, on a misunderstanding it might work…”. [editor’s note: Les bronzés font du ski, 1979]

QD: Final question! Chocolate cake or Fruit pie? 

Fruit tarts, which I make myself when I can. Apples, plums, cherries… And I’m not bad with scones either, it’s a must have for tea!