A few weeks ago, we released the second trailer for Under The Waves, the next game published through the label SPOTLIGHT by QUANTIC DREAM. Developed by the talented team at Parallel Studio, Under The Waves is a narrative driven adventure game where you follow Stan, a professional diver working for an oil company, in the depths of the North Sea. Dealing with an unbearable loss, Stan will soon face a life-changing mystery, beneath the sea. 

Behind the poetic and moving story of Stan, grew another tale over the last couple of years, grounded in the real world, with the help of the non-profit organization Surfrider Foundation Europe. To ensure every message and fact about ocean preservation was scientifically accurate, but also to add context to Stan’s adventure, Quantic Dream and Parallel Studio joined forces with this team of renowned activists field experts. Check the video below to learn more about this unique collaboration!   

You can learn more on Surfrider, their research work or their actions, by visiting the foundation’s official website.