Deviants spotted backstage

2038: after spending dozens of hours in the city of Detroit, following your favorite androids claiming their equality and developing their humanity, did you ever wonder what went into the creation of this whole universe?

Two years after the release of our most ambitious title – yep, it’s been two years already! – it was time for us to reveal the whole process that allowed Detroit: Become Human to be the game it is today. For over a month now, we’ve been giving you a chance to look behind the curtains of our studio, through a series of exclusive videos that dive into key moments of the development.

Benjamin Diebling, our Shooting Director – you can follow him on Twitter here – has a little message for all of you, regarding this special project. And the cool thing is that these “Behind the Scenes” videos could be the very first in a long series, if you enjoy them as much as we do, so please let us know!

From filming, to technology, writing, environment, actors and stunts, you can discover every tiny aspect of the creation of Detroit: Become Human with these videos. Check out the six episodes here:

· Detroit: Become Human – Performance Capture

· Detroit: Become Human – Behind the technology

· Detroit: Become Human – Androids and Humans

· Detroit: Become Human – Detroit: The Fourth Character

· Detroit: Become Human – An Interactive Drama

· Detroit: Become Human – Stunts