Last night, during the Pégases 2021 online ceremony, we proudly announced a new project to join our third-party family! After Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut and Dustborn, respectively imagined by Jo-Mei and Red Thread Games, here comes Parallel Studio, a Paris-based indie company that has already proven itself with EqqO, White Night and Dark Days. Their next experience intends to push the team’s work on narration, atypical gameplay and singular aesthetic even further, which are the pillars upon which the studio is built.   

As the future publisher of this still-in-development game, Quantic Dream will be supporting Parallel Studio with all available resources: expertise from its various internal departments, including motion capture shooting team and sets, as well as our publishing services (production, marketing, communication, distribution, and more…), to set them up to deliver the game of their dreams. So stay tuned, more to come soon!