Paving the way for the future

After evolving from a development studio to a full-fledged publisher in 2019, Quantic Dream continued to grow in 2020, before hitting several big new milestones in 2021: these included the opening of a new studio in Montreal in February, the release of Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut on Nintendo Switch in March, quickly followed by the announcement of the next Parallel Studio project.

In June, Detroit: Become Human became the fifth most streamed PC game on PlayStation Now, just after celebrating its third anniversary, and in July our revolutionary androids hit the 6 million mark worldwide, including 1 million for the PC version, and making it the best-selling game in Quantic Dream’s history. So thank you to all of you who have supported it since its birth! And by the way, the glorious Art Print created by the talented Yuko Kuzui is still available here!  

As for our facilities, the guiding principle is always to be at the forefront of technological standards. In June, our audio department received the first official Dolby Atmos validation for a gaming sound studio in France.

Our Parisian premises have also made room for a photogrammetry rig, to meet the needs of our artists and developers. Both these milestones reinforce the work of motion capture, for which the in-house set has been completely renovated and updated with the latest gear. And finally, the creation of new teams dedicated to gameplay and artificial intelligence allow us to move forward with the latest generation of consoles and graphics cards.   

You should also know that the studio has recruited 70 people since March 2020, in Paris and Montreal, to move forward on current projects. Among these recruits, 16% are women; this is a high average for the industry, and even if we still have a long way to go to reach parity, we are truly proud of this diversity, which makes our games shine. And to stay with the figures, Quantic Dream just announced a new record result after tax of €5.7 million in 2020. The entry of each new employee into the capital through the issue of free shares also continued during this period; 10.7% of the capital of Quantic Dream S.A. is now held by the studio’s employees.   

Equipment, results, projects, it’s all essential, but it would be nothing if Quantic Dream didn’t take the time to ensure the well-being of its teams; the quality of life at work therefore continues to be evaluated anonymously and individually, to always keep the human being at the centre of attention. The studio is also pursuing its commitment to inclusiveness, achieving an equality index score of 88 points out of 100 fro calendar year 2020. Furthermore, on the indicator relating to the “individual raise rate gap”, Quantic Dream achieved the maximum score of 35/35.   

We are continuing to solidify our human, technical and artistic foundations to achieve our vision of a unique and avant-garde video game in the best possible conditions. By the way, you can find all our job and internship offers here; keep in mind that we are expanding on both shores of the Atlantic and that we recruit profiles from all horizons, well beyond video games!